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Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos awarded Institute for Global Law and Policy grants

Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos has been awarded two collaborative grants by the Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School.

The first project, ‘(International) Criminal Legal Structures’ emerged from discussions at the 2014 IGLP Workshop in Doha.  This project will be a critique of the centrality of (criminal) law as a response to violence. This enquiry becomes more meaningful and contentious in the context of the response to mass atrocities i.e. collective large-scale violence. The project will examine if the ‘extreme’ nature of this object (horror and drama) is particularly fertile in revealing general features of law in (international) society, and will do so by looking closely at the structures through which (international) criminal law operates.

The second project, ‘The co-production of Weapons and Law’ brings together scholars from Georgetown Law, University of Lancaster, Sciences-Po Paris, and Freie Universität Berlinto take aim at the relative dearth of critical legal scholarship on new weapons technology by exploring intersections with Science and Technology Studies. The project will focus on the mutual influence – “the co-production” – of the development of weapons technology and their legal regulation.

This project will explore the following themes:

  • The co-production of technology and asymmetry: describing and prescribing change in the legal regulation of war
  • Legal technicalities and the enrolment of new weapons of war.
  • Narratives of War Governance and the Appeal to the New
  • New Weapons Technologies, Spatiality and the New War Discourse

The Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School is a collaborative faculty effort to nurture innovative approaches to global policy in the face of a legal and institutional architecture manifestly ill-equipped to address our most urgent global challenges. Global poverty, conflict, injustice and inequality are also legal and institutional regimes. The IGLP explores the ways in which they are reproduced and what might be done in response.


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