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Tag Archives: ILAG

Explainer: how are soldiers’ rights protected in a war zone?

by Ioannis Kalpouzos, City University London

The recent Supreme Court decision to allow families of British personnel killed in Iraq to sue the government for negligence set up a barrage of cries about the judgment making it impossible for our armed forces to fulfill their missions overseas. But behind the...

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The Law and Politics of Greece’s claims for German War Reparations

By Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos

“The historical roots of the European Union lie in the Second World War”, according to the EU’s official website. It is then perhaps not surprising that in the current tumult of the Eurozone the War re-surfaces. Mark Mazower describes how, in the German Occupation of...

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Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos awarded Institute for Global Law and Policy grants

Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos has been awarded two collaborative grants by the Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School.

The first project, ‘(International) Criminal Legal Structures’ emerged from discussions at the 2014 IGLP Workshop in Doha.  This project will be a critique of the centrality of...

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