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Tag Archives: International law

Explainer: how are soldiers’ rights protected in a war zone?

by Ioannis Kalpouzos, City University London

The recent Supreme Court decision to allow families of British personnel killed in Iraq to sue the government for negligence set up a barrage of cries about the judgment making it impossible for our armed forces to fulfill their missions overseas. But behind the...

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Explainer: can people tortured by the CIA now sue the US?

By Katherine Reece Thomas, City University London

The US Senate’s report on the torture carried out by the CIA makes shocking reading. Questions will be asked about whether individual victims can sue for compensation for losses suffered, and where they might be able to do so.

The answer:...

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Holy Land tourism and international law – mapping a ‘real world’ clash of perspectives

in the latest ILAG seminar, Dr Gearoid O Cuinn, from the University of Lancaster Law School, compares two modes of ordering relevant to occupied Palestinian territory: the “Holy Land” tourism itinerary developed for international visitors and the template for regulating an occupying power envisaged in international humanitarian law.

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